Automated Installation Development

Automated Installation Development2020-02-10T15:29:41+00:00

Wouldn’t it be great if your Installations created themselves?

TLUX provides the expertise and experience in developing and implementing automated solutions for setup creation.

Besides automating the build process of setups we also implement complex scenarios. This includes, for example, the configuration of time controlled production lines which can be carried out by user friendly web surfaces.

Another stage of automation covers the requirements of distributing the software. This comprises, inter alia, the delivery of packages via internet, e. g. by an individual update service.

Your advantages:

  • Automated creation of complex setups
  • Bundling the input of various units (modules)
  • Automatic creation of updates (patches, updates)
  • Timing control of choice (daily, weekly, …)
  • Support and simplification of the release management

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