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20th July 2017:
TLUX Technologies is proud to announce the extension of our territories by Flexera Software to cover Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa. We look forward to leveraging our extensive market experience in the DACH region to bring our customers quality services endorsed by Flexera Software localized to suit the needs of our customers in the new regions.

2nd June 2017:
TLUX Technologies is delighted to announce that we are now the official Training Partner for Flexera Software in EMEA. Not only are we going to continue to offer the best quality training courses aroung the Flexera Software products AdminStudio and InstallShield, we will leverage this special arrangement to be able to offer our customers a fresher and a more situation relevant training offer. We are also working closely with the Flexera team to update our Advanced (Refresher) courses and Certification programmes.

10th July 2017:
What’s New in InstallShield 2016

App Packages and Windows Server App Packages – Scan your InstallShield project in seconds to save hours of investigative work by automatically identifying potential compatibility issues between your application and Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge (formerly known as “Project Centennial”), and Windows Server App packages.

Create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Packages from MSI Projects – Prepare for the Windows Store and simplify your software’s installation experience on Windows 10 by building Universal Windows Platform app packages (formerly known as “Project Centennial”) from your existing InstallShield projects. Build both Windows Installer and UWP App Packages to support all of your customers’ desired deployment scenarios.

Create Windows Server App Packages (WSA) from MSI Projects – Get ready for Nano Server and Windows Server 2016 deployments by building Windows Server App packages from your existing InstallShield projects. Simultaneously create both Windows Server App packages and Windows Installer packages in your build process to easily support all of your customers’ desired deployment scenarios.

Combine Multiple UWP App Packages into One – Develop your installation in modules for easier deployment and maintenance, and then merge the components and dependencies at build time into a single UWP app (Appx) package for the Windows Store. For direct distribution outside the store, bundle your UWP App Packages and other dependencies together with a Suite/Advanced UI installer.

Mapped MSI Table Relationships – Gain insight into how MSI tables are related for more precise editing and troubleshooting. Quickly see how those changes will impact your installer to reduce the unintended consequences of manual table editing.

Custom Windows 10 Tiles – Make your Windows Installer and UWP desktop applications “pop” on the Windows 10 Start screen with vibrant tiles for increased user engagement.

1st July 2017:
Updated Training Course:
“Refresher Packaging with AdminStudio (3 days Class + Virtual)”
This course has been developed to provide experienced packagers with the opportunity to deepen and refresh their knowledge. A special focus is given to the Enterprise Tools in AdminStudio (AdminStudio Enterprise Server, Application Catalog, Test Center, Automated Application Converter, packaging Virtual Applications etc.) Attendees will learn how to build a Best Practice packaging environment and how to get the best value out of the Catalog. Changes and Best Practices for the latest technologies (OS, IE, MSI, AppV) including the latest AdminStudio version will be handled.

20th July 2017:
Windows 10 Migration Workshop for Project Managers and Tech Leads:
Together with the Flexera Software EMEA Professional Services team, we are proud to present our 2 day “Windows 10 Migration Workshop for Project Managers and Tech Leads” workshop at locations across Europe. The workshop is designed to address questions that arise in the context of an upcoming OS Migration project. The workshop targets decision-makers and provides an excellent opportunity to exchange information with other decision-makers and leading members of both the TLUX team and Flexera Software.

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