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If you have been using AdminStudio for some time and need a refresher on the latest versions of AdminStudio, installation techniques and new target environments (OS, IE, etc.) then this course is for you. The course further provides you with a solid understanding of advanced techniques for packaging which includes collaboration and automation techniques.


This class covers:

  • Extended inter-package topics such as Application Isolation, Source Location Control and Application Cleanup
  • Deeper project template concepts
  • Complex Internal Consistency Evaluator (ICE) rules, customisation of ICE rules for the business and different ICE criticality levels for aiding ICE-resolution approaches in the business
  • Methods of sharing AdminStudio resources around a team in a distributed environment like MergeModules and also shared AdminStudio user settings
  • Methods to customise the AdminStudio installation package (MSI)
  • Deeper Repackager best practices (e.g. exclusions list, clean machine best practices, InstallShield and Component creation)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Course Prerequisites

  • Successful completion of the Application Packaging using AdminStudio course
  • Experience in application packaging

Course Curriculum

The following course sections and topics will be covered in the class. If you have a specific area that you think will need extra attention, mention it to your instructor on the first day of class. The course is more hands-on and a lot of practical examples will be used.

Introduction and Review

Windows Installer and Repackaging

  • Defining Repackaging: History and Background
  • Defining the Need for Windows Installer
  • Exceptions to Software Repackaging

Process Architecture

Application Request Submission

Request Analysis

Application Engineering

  • Snapshot Environment
  • Application Repository
  • Custom Exclusion List
  • Relative Install Location
  • Application Shortcuts
  • Setup Template
  • MSI Build Format
  • Handling Common Components
  • Packaging Environment Configuration
  • Application Isolation
  • Application Source Management
  • Handling Current User Settings
  • Package Clean-Up
  • Standardized Transformations
  • Handling Localization Requirements
  • Component Rules
  • Custom Action Standards
  • Configuring ODBC Entries
  • Configuring INI Files
  • Configuring Environment Settings Handling Shared Extensions
  • Use of PATH Environment Setting
  • Handling Local Lockdown Environment

Package Validation

  • Handling ICE Rules
  • Integration with Other Packages and Operating System
  • Custom Verification and Resolution
  • Package Testing

User Acceptance Testing

  • Preliminary Deployment Testing
  • User-Level Application Functionality Testing

Setup Source Identification

  • Legacy Setup
  • MSI Setup
  • Patched MSI
  • InstallScript MSI
  • Raw Files (No Setup)
  • Special Case Packaging
  • Updates and Patches
  • 3rd Party Conversions

Setup Project Template

  • General Information
  • Summary Information Stream
  • Add or Remove Programs
  • Product Properties
  • Adding Auditing Information
  • Custom Actions
  • Sequences
  • Property Manager
  • Product Configuration
  • Advanced Release Configuration

Sharing AdminStudio Resources

  • Installing Repackager on the Shared Location
  • Adding the Custom Exclusion List
  • Repackage a Reboot
  • Sharing Merge Modules
  • Shared AdminStudio.ini
  • Modifying the Options.ini File
  • Custom Workflows in AdminStudio

Transforming AdminStudio MSI

  • Property Value Settings in the Transform
  • Removing Common Elements from Setup
  • List of Features That Must Be Marked to NOT Install
  • List of Components That Must Be Marked to NOT Install
  • Adding a New Feature to Add Best Practices Resources
  • Sharing ICE Validation Files
  • Registry Settings
  • Modifying setup.ini to Apply the Transform

ICE Criticality

  • ICE Criticality Tables
  • Guidelines on ICE Tolerance

Manipulating ICE Rules

  • The Purpose of Validation
  • Challenges
  • Problems with ICE Rules
  • General Operating Principles of Manipulating_ICE
  • MANIPULATING_ICE Reference Table

Tools and Best Practices

Repackager Best Practices

Repackaging Exclusions

Project Exclusions

OS Snapshot Exclusions

InstallShield Editor Best Practices

Snapshot Best Practices

Component Creation Best Practices 
Tips and Examples

  • Repairing User-Specific Data for Applications
  • Viewing Changes Made by Transformations
  • Creating Transforms that Include Custom Actions
  • Removing Additional Product Data During Uninstallation
  • Cleaning Up Files
  • Cleaning Up Registry Data
  • Sharing Common Config Settings Between Users
  • Specifying the AdminStudio Shared Directory Location
  • Specifying the Location of a Shared Directory
  • Installing MSIs Supplied in Self-Extracting EXEs


  • Secured Transforms
  • Specifying Secured Transforms with the TRANSFORMS Property
  • Specifying Secured Transforms with the TRANSFORMSSECURE Property

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