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This workshop addresses some of the core concepts that arise in any OS-Migration project, regardless of your business area. Preparing for next generation End-User device management and Intelligent Software Provisioning are some of the key questions that arise:

  • Windows 10. Which packaging strategy should we be committing to and why? MSI, AppV, what’s next?
  • How will our applications be supported on Tablets, Notebooks, Mobiles (BYOD)?
  • If we run Citrix environments, what considerations do we have to make to ensure compatibility?
  • How many of our applications are compatible with Windows 10?
  • Application Rationalization and Consolidation – keeping the costs at bay
  • Project managing the Application Migration Process
  • Manual Packaging vs Automated Package Migration
  • It is all about speed, reduction of costs while maintaining the highest quality
  • Self-Service: How do we prepare?
  • How can we seamlessly integrate our packaging effort with SCCM?
  • What solutions does Flexera Software offer to support the complete Migration lifecycle?

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop has been designed around the needs of Software Deployment Managers, Release Managers, Client Service Managers, Packaging Managers, Senior Packagers and Service Providers.

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