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Automated setup creation
Wouldn’t it be great if your setups created themselves?

TLUX provides the expertise and experience in developing and implementing automated solutions for setup creation.

Besides automating the build process of setups we also implement complex scenarios. This includes, for example, the configuration of time controlled production lines which can be carried out by user friendly web surfaces.

Another stage of automation covers the requirements of distributing the software. This comprises, inter alia, the delivery of packages via internet, e. g. by an individual update service.

Your advantages:

Automated creation of complex setups
Bundling the input of various units (modules)
Automatic creation of updates (patches, updates)
Timing control of choice (daily, weekly, …)
Support and simplification of the release management
Setup Outsourcing
Let TLUX take over the creation of your releases and updates!

Developing setups requires very specialized knowledge and experience:
It is obligatory to have knowledge of various operating systems (Windows 7, Win 10 etc.), installation technologies (MSI, InstallScript, WiseScript), runtime environments (.NET Framework, SQLExpress etc.), installation tools (InstallShield, InstallAnywhere etc.) and distribution methods (UpdateService, ESD, DVD, CD etc.). Otsourcing your setup development tasks reduces costs and overheads, speeds up the delivery and turn-around times and ensures better quality. Furthermore, the compliance of high quality industry standards is guaranteed. Your internal resources can be bundled by concentrating on the most important tasks of setup design, release management and quality assurance and thereby produce a surplus value for your customers.

Our service scope ranges from the concept preparation through the technical realization to the productive introduction and maintenance (patches, updates, etc.) of your software products.

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